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Commercial Roofing: 5 Reasons to Choose TPO for Your Jonesboro Property

Commercial Roofing: 5 Reasons to Choose TPO for Your Jonesboro Property

by | Nov 12, 2022 | Blog, Commercial Roofing, Jonesboro, TPO Roofing

Any business owner knows that disruption to their day-to-day operations will have a major impact on their bottom line. Your commercial roof plays an integral role in protecting those day-to-day functions and keeping your business running strong. With so many commercial roofing options available to Jonesboro property owners, how can you know which one to choose?

Let’s take a look at why a TPO roof might be the best choice for you!

Choosing the Right Commercial Roof

First and foremost, don’t take our word for it! It’s important to understand the factors you’ll want to consider when trying to decide which roof is best for your property. Some of the things you’ll want to think about are:
• Budget and Financial Constraints
• Climate
• Type of Business
• Timeline
• Environmental Impact
• Energy Efficiency
Take some time to think about how important each of these is for your company before you make any decisions. If you’ve got questions, the commercial roofing specialists at Roof X Solutions in Jonesboro will be happy to guide you!

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What is a TPO Roof?

TPO stands for thermoplastic polyolefin, a material made mostly from recycled rubber. TPO is a single-ply membrane that is sold in rolls, applied to the roof, and heat-sealed at the seams.

5 Benefits of TPO Roofs for Jonesboro Commercial Buildings

So, now you know what you’re looking for in a roof and you know what a TPO roof is – that begs the question: How will a TPO roof fit my needs? TPO roofs have a lot to offer in the way of benefits for Jonesboro commercial property owners.

1. Affordability

When budget is your biggest concern, TPO is an excellent choice. Compared to other low-slope roofing options, TPO membranes are fairly inexpensive and extremely cost-effective.

2. Durability

As a flexible material that can withstand a lot of movement and settling, TPO isn’t prone to damage due to temperature changes in a warm climate like Jonesboro. TPO membranes are designed to stand against long-term exposure to harsh UV rays and to resist puncturing, tearing, and water damage.

3. Energy Efficiency

Many TPO roofs are available in light colors that aid in the reflection of the sun’s heat. This makes them a very energy-efficient solution, especially in the summer when they will help cut down on excessive cooling costs.

4. Environmental Impact

When your carbon footprint is at the forefront of your business you want to make sure you’re choosing a roofing system that is consistent with your beliefs. TPO roofing is 100% recyclable meaning each TPIO roof can be recycled to make a brand new roof when it reaches the end of its life.

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5. Ease of Installation

When you’re dealing with potential disruptions to your business from a new roof installation, time is of the essence. TPO roofs are very fast and easy to install which means less downtime for your property.

Are There Any Downsides to a TPO Roof?

No material is perfect, and TPO is no exception. While Jonesboro commercial properties will enjoy numerous benefits from TPO roofs there is one major drawback. TPO is a relatively new roofing material, so it doesn’t have the proven track record that some business owners would like to see in their investments. Testing and development have shown that TPO roofs should last a long time, but real-world data is still being collected to test the reality of this.

Is a TPO roof the right choice for your Jonesboro commercial property? Or maybe you’re still weighing your options and you want more information. Contact Roof X Solutions, today, to talk over your options and schedule a free estimate!

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