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What is the Best Siding Material for My Home in Jonesboro?

What is the Best Siding Material for My Home in Jonesboro?

by | Jul 8, 2022 | Blog, Jonesboro, Siding

Siding plays an important role in our homes in both aesthetics and function. There is a huge variety of siding materials and styles that are available for Jonesboro homeowners and it can be hard to determine what’s best for your specific home.  

Why is Siding Important?

Many people only consider the aesthetics of their home when they think of their siding, but siding also plays a very important role in keeping your home safe from the elements. Your siding is an integral part of the waterproof envelope that helps manage moisture around your home and keeps the interior safe from water damage. Additionally, your siding can help protect your home from pests while also keeping it properly insulated.  

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How To Choose the Best Siding for Your Home in Jonesboro

While the best siding for your home is somewhat subjective, there are a few important things you should consider when making your decision. When you’re researching siding for your Jonesboro home you’ll want to keep the following in mind: 

  • Durability: How well can your siding stand up to the Jonesboro climate and weather patterns?
  • Curb Appeal: Consider your personal aesthetic but also how well your home may fit in with the surrounding community. 
  • Water Resistance: Water management is important for the safety of your home, and water-resistant siding will last longer. 
  • Installation: Ease of installation can make or break a DIY project or make a big difference in labor costs for professional installations. 
  • Energy Efficiency: Energy-efficient siding will help your home feel more comfortable throughout the year as well as save on heating and cooling costs. 

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is a popular choice for homeowners the most common siding material found on homes in Jonesboro. There’s a good reason for this. Vinyl siding comes packed with benefits for homeowners including: 

  • Affordable 
  • Easy Installation
  • Large Variety of Colors
  • Variety of Options
  • Low Maintenance
  • Durable 

While vinyl has a ton of benefits, it’s important to note some of the drawbacks. Vinyl can start showing its age quickly due to sun exposure and, while it’s easy to repair, it’s also easy to break. Additionally, if you’re environmentally conscious, vinyl isn’t an eco-friendly option because it isn’t recyclable. 

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Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is made from a blend of cement and other materials, then pressed into molds to create planks or shingles. Fiber cement is becoming an increasingly popular choice for Jonesboro homeowners for a variety of reasons including: 

  • Durability
  • Environmentally Neutral
  • Longevity 
  • Fire Resistance
  • Versatility
  • Curb Appeal

Fiber cement can be an excellent choice for many homeowners, but also has some disadvantages. This type of siding is substantially more expensive than vinyl and offers the same or lower insulation value. It can also be a bit finicky to install and is best left to professionals.  

Stucco Siding

Stucco is made from a mix of cement, sand, limestone, and water plus other additives. It’s a traditional and classic exterior application that can appeal to many homeowners for its distinct appearance. Stucco siding has a lot of advantages for Jonesboro residents including: 

  • Durability
  • Weather Resistance
  • Color and Texture Options
  • Low Maintenance
  • Fire Resistance
  • Excellent Insulation Values

Like any material, there are some downsides to choosing stucco for your home. Stucco will expand and contract with your home as the temperatures change which can lead to cracking. Additionally, stucco should always be installed by a professional.  

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