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Explore Jonesboro, AR

Explore Jonesboro, AR

by | Jul 10, 2020 | Blog, Roofing Contractors

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The last month or so has been really hard for everyone around the world. The dreaded COVID-19 virus has wreaked havoc across the globe, forcing many of us back into our homes in order to protect ourselves and the ones we love. While we understand the importance of social distancing at this time of distress, we can’t help but long to spend time in the fresh Arkansas air with our friends and families. Until it is safe to come out again, we can start planning which parts of town we’re going to visit first.

Spend the Day at Craighead Forest Park

The Craighead Forest Park is 692 acres of natural beauty. The forest park features a magnificent lake where visitors can enjoy the afternoon birdwatching, feeding ducks and fishing. The park also has some great outdoor sports facilities such as basketball, volleyball, softball, disc golf, and more. For the active, early risers there are some fantastic running and biking trails as well.

Explore Crowley’s Ridge

Named after Benjamin Crowley, the first settler in the region, the unique 250-550 foot geological formation stretches all the way, in a 150-mile line, from southeastern Missouri to the Mississippi River near Helena, Arkansas. The Forrest L. Wood Crowley’s Ridge Nature Center allows visitors to explore the natural phenomenon while also offering outdoor features such as hiking trails, a 5.5-acre prairie and 2.5-acre pond.

Go Back in Time at the Arkansas State University Museum

The Arkansas State University Museum is a great place to brush up on your history or expose the kids to the history of the state of Arkansas. The museum features exhibits that focus on the Arkansas Frontier, the New Madrid Earthquake, large mammals and animals that once roamed the region, military achievements, and much, much more.

Emerge Yourself in the Bradbury Art Museum

The Bradbury Art Museum is a contemporary art museum situated on the Arkansas State University campus. The museum features the work of prominent regional, local, and international contemporary artists, and the changing exhibits allow visitors to emerge themselves in all mediums of contemporary art. The museum also hosts an array of artistic events when engages and stimulates the artistry and creativity of all who stop by. What better way to shake the cobwebs off your mind than by spending a morning wandering through the hallways of the Bradbury Art Museum.

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