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Some Surprising Facts About Roofing

Some Surprising Facts About Roofing

by | Mar 19, 2021 | Blog, Roofing

For as long as people have had homes or a place to sleep, there has always been some type of roofing system or cover-mechanism. People have used all sorts of materials to create a protective covering for themselves and their homes.

Roofing has undergone tremendous changes and developments over the years. It has evolved from highly-effective yet straightforward thatch roofing to more intricate systems like solar shingles.

For those of you who are as fascinated with roofing as we are, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most exciting facts about roofing


Your Roof Needs To Breathe

That’s right, your roofing system is like a living, breathing organism; it needs sufficient airflow to function correctly. Roofing ventilation systems allow warm, moist air to escape and cold, dry air to filter in. This is necessary to prevent the build-up of moisture in your roof and stop the growth of mold and bacteria.


Your Roofing System Is Quite Intricate

Your roofing system’s makeup is more than just shingles and gutters; it is a little more complicated than that. Your roofing system comprises of a roofing deck, water-resistant underlayment, flashing, attic insulation, the ceiling, soffits, and so much more. That’s why it’s always important to high a professional when you want any work done on your roof. In all honesty, an amateur roofer wouldn’t know where to start.


Thatch and Clay Are Some Of The Oldest Documented Roofing Systems

History books have recorded the use of thatch, clay and stone as roofing materials as far back as 10 000 BC. These simple yet effective materials kept water out of homes, they were easy to construct and replace and they could be styled and designed according to each cultures preference.


Certain Cultures Use Unique Roof Designs

Cultures around the world have their own unique architectural home and roofing designs. Japanese roofing systems have high peaks and gently curving slopes. In Mali, their roofing and building materials are made of mud and are characterized by steep peaks and wooden rods that protrude from the walls. Some traditional Scandinavian roofing systems are made up of grass coverings.


Flat Roofing Isn’t Actually Flat

The name might be deceiving, but flat roofing is not entirely flat. When installing a flat roof, they need to be installed at a gentle slope to prevent standing water. While not as effective at draining water as sloped roofs might be, flat roofs still get the job done. Flat roofs need to be regularly maintained to get rid of pooling water.


For more exciting facts about roofing or professional roofing services, give Roof X Solutions a call today!

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