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03/29/2020: Horrific Tornado Rips Through Jonesboro

03/29/2020: Horrific Tornado Rips Through Jonesboro

by | Nov 3, 2020 | Jonesboro, Local News, Roof Storm Damage, Roofing Services

Tornado Approaches

Late March this year, Jonesboro, AR was swept up in some severe weather conditions. Residents witnessed a highly destructive tornado rip through the city, leaving large scale damage in its wake.

According to city officials, about 6 people were injured as a result of the natural phenomenon. Fortunately, no fatalities were reported.

Rescue teams, as well as the National Weather Services, reported that several cars were flipped on their backs, trees were uprooted, commercial buildings were flattened and many homes damaged. It was also reported that several hangars and planes were damaged at the Jonesboro Municipal Airport.


No Fatalities

In an effort to reduce any further injuries and to prevent any fatalities, the mayor of Jonesboro ordered a 7pm curfew as the tornado meandered through the city at about 5pm. This short notice was achievable as many were already home as a result of the coronavirus.

The National Weather Service issued a tornado warning for the city of Jonesboro at about 4pm. The storm strengthened from a relatively small twister to one that caused major destruction as it approached the city.

Several residents took to social media to report on the damage that they witnessed and post images of the damage across the city. According to officials, based on the height at which objects were flung in the air, the tornado was at least an EF-3 tornado.


Tornado Watch Issued For The Midwest

Tornado watches were issued across the Midwest by the National Weather Service. The Weather Service reported that they had also received tornado confirmations coming from Illinois and Iowa.

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